Tips for Selling your Cashiers, NC Area Home

You’ve been hearing it for months: Recent economic conditions have created a buyer’s market in cities across the country.

Although it’s true that sales prices and the total number of home sales are down in many U.S. cities, it doesn’t mean that home sellers can’t still get a great price on their home.

The key to selling your home for the best price possible in as little time as possible is a strategic marketing plan.

Continue reading to learn more about what you as a home seller can do to maximize your success on the Cashiers area real estate market.

Selling Homes in the Cashiers, NC Area

Here are some suggestions that I often give to interested home sellers:

  • Emotionally Detach from your Home: Making the decision to sell your home can be a stressful process for a lot of home owners.  After all, you and your family have likely made plenty of memories in your home and it may be hard to say goodbye to them. But as a home seller, it’s best to view your house as a product you’re trying to sell rather than your home. After all, the goal is to help buyers visualize themselves living in your home. Thus, the sooner you can detach from your home emotionally, the smoother your experience on the Western NC real estate market will be.
  • Be Flexible With Buyer Schedules:  The current economic climate has meant that there are fewer buyers navigating local real estate markets.  Thus, it’s critical that you as a home seller are as accommodating as possible when it comes to showings.
  •  Be Honest About Problems Issues.  Be as forthcoming with your Cashiers real estate agent as possible about such things as restrictions, structural issues, boundary disputes and covenants.  Your agent should know about these issues upfront.  You don’t want to wait until closing time to reveal these things to your agent and the home buyer because it may be a deal that kills the deal in the eleventh hour.  And that can end up being costly in terms of legal expenses.
  • Don’t Forget Curb Appeal.  When buyers come to check out your home, the exterior will surely be their first impression.  So make sure it’s in top condition by trimming hedges, cleaning out gutters and maybe even applying a fresh coat of paint.
  • Use Plenty of Light to Showcase Your Home’s Features.  This includes natural and artificial light.  Open windows and turn on lights (even in closets) throughout the home.  You may also consider recommending day-time showings to buyers.
  • De-Clutterize Your Home.  Remember: You’re trying to sell your home, not the items in your home.  And the more things you have piled in each room, the more it distracts buyers from appreciating the structure of your home.  Plus, too much junk in a room can make it appear smaller than it actually is.

Cashiers, NC Real Estate

I hope you found the above tips helpful as a Cashiers area home seller.

For more tips on how to sell your home for more money in less time, contact me, Dorothy Swearingen.

I’ll be happy to offer you my expert advice as well as my many home selling resources, including:

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