Transylvania Community Hospital Addition Offers Enhanced Health Care

Transylvania Community Hospital, Brevard, NC Celebrates 75th Birthday With New Wing

Folks owning homes in Lake Toxaway, Sapphire,Rosman, Brevard, and Penrose areas will all benefit from the new 30 bed wing at the Transylvania Community Hospital. As an NC mountain realtor, I am often asked by those looking for real estate how our local hospital facilities are. With this new addition, patients will not only have a wonderful hospital staff but also a state of the art medical facility in which to receive care.

Additional Hospital Space Plus Enhanced Amenities

Part of the $14 Million expansion will include a 25,000 square foot addition that adds 30 state-of-the-art inpatient rooms. The most modern technology available will provide instant data on patients. Patients will move into their new rooms on May 12. The pharmacy, lab and emergency rooms will all be connected by a pneumatic tube system. This state of the art technology allows hospital staff the ability to send lab specimens as well as hospital data throughout the system. Families and visitors have been thought of as well. New visiting, dining, and sleeping areas have been added. Wi-Fi will be available throughout for both patient and visitors. We certainly don’t encourage being sick, but iot is nice to know a facility of this kind is close by.

Golfers…Come join the fun.

Other activities planned for the hospital’s birthday celebration is an employee appreciation luncheon on Thursday, May 8, as well as a charity golf tournament held at Burlingame Sapphire Lakes in Sapphire, NC on Friday, May 9th. The tournament is currently sold out at this time: however, another tournament will be held again next year so reserve your spot early. Proceeds from the tournament will go towards the building fund.

For further information on Brevard, Sapphire, and Lake Toxaway areas visit

Your Feedback

Having access to superior health care is important for everyone. What impact do you think this addition will have on our community? I look forward to your feedback.

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