Macon County Subdivision Ordinance….More Changes to Come…

All counties seem to be getting on the bandwagon for subdivision changes.  The latest county to join the train is Macon.  The August 6th meeting covered proposed drafts of the change.  There are major and minor subdivisions.   

A minor subdivision can be defined with 3 parts:   

  1. Contains 8 lots or less. 
  2. The property has not been subdivided within the prior 3 years. 
  3. A new road would not be required that would be longer than 1320 linear feet.  

Any subdivision that does not fall in the minor subdivision, it would then be considered a Major Subdivision.     

One good idea that they are allowing at this point is that you are able to come in prior to filing your subdivision to have your plans looked over to get suggestions.  What a great idea…If things need to be tweaked, they can be before it is officially filed.  Saves time and energy for everyone.   Common sense does prevail.  The review committee that will look over your plans consists of three people:   the subdivision administrator – a representative from the fire marshal’s office, health department, and code enforcement department – and a member of the planning board.

The proper road width and development are equally important.  The NCDOT presently requires a 50-minimum right-of-way for a dead end road more than 2,500 feet in length or a loop road more than one mile in length.  Driveway standards are still being established.   Water run off is one of the issues being considered

A new meeting to further discuss the issues will be held on August 21st at 5 pm at the Environmental Resource Center in Franklin.  Please attend the meeting for the latest discussion and updates as well as to voice your opinion….stayed turned for more subdivision news…..As always, your thoughts and ideas are welcome. 

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