Moratorium for New Developments in Jackson County

For those not in Jackson County for the winter, stand by for the latest real estate news…

A red hot topic for the past two weeks in the Chronicle has been the moratorium placed by the county commissioners on all new subdivisions and property development for the next six months in Jackson County. The first issue of concern is the moratorium…the second is the one concerning new ordinances for subdivisions. I for one think the six month moratorium is definitely too long. At the present time the commissioners are only planning on meeting 2 hours per week to discuss this issue. If it is so important to place a moratorium for six months, dedicating more than two hours/week is drastically inadequate. While the commissioners are waiting around, many folks that normally would be employed in the workings of both large and small development are being laid idle. This will affect many walks of life from appraisers, architects, surveyors, carpenters, plumbers, dry-wall installers, and landscapers to name a few. I for one, wanting to be a good steward of the land, think that ordinances are necessary. They must be well thought out as well as constructive and enforceable once established. Surely as important an issue as this is to our area’s economy; our commissioners should certainly make a concentrated effort to gather facts more quickly and then consider input from the public concerning their ideas prior to implementing them.
Since this affects so many, many opinions should be heard. Let’s work together on this issue to create a sound program. This not only affects those folks who are buying large parcels of land, but it will also affect those that have 1 or 2 acres which they might wish to divide and sell. Let your commissioners know we all want to be a part of making Jackson County a fine place to live by developing ordinances that we can all live with. For a draft copy of the ordinances that are being considered, please email and ask for a copy to be sent to you. Get informed…get involved…we need you. Call or email your county commissioner with your opinion.
Your input is important. Please write and voice your thoughts.

New topic for next week…to be followed up with this new paragraph week 2. As well as I will update info that is happening here with the moratorium.

Calling all folks to the country…According to the Progressive Farmer magazine, after conducting a survey as to where the best rural places were to live in America, Polk County, NC ranked 10th as being the best county to be from. Polk County is located approximately 30 miles southeast of Asheville. For those looking for horse farms, you need look no further as there are an abundance of them here. Please check our multiple listings as there are numerous properties available here starting less than $100,000 to several million. If we can assist you, please let us know. For those wondering where the number one place is…Barren County, KY. (Halfway between Nashville and Louisville.)
If you have a county that you feel should rank up there, please let your opinion be heard. We want to hear your thoughts.

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