Top Ways I Help Cashiers Area Home Sellers

For Western North Carolina home sellers, the first couple of weeks after you list your home on the market are critical when it comes to attracting Cashiers area home buyers.

That’s because home buyers in the Cashiers area love to hear about new listings on the local housing market.

Thus, it’s imperative for home sellers to seize on all the attention early on. Otherwise, home buyers’ attention will shift to the next new listing on the market in a couple of weeks.

As your Western North Carolina real estate expert, I understand just how important it is to attract home buyers immediately.

That’s why I launch an aggressive marketing campaign on your Cashiers area home for sale as soon as we start working together.

Continue reading to learn about my exclusive and comprehensive marketing plan for Western NC home sellers like you.

Homes for Sale in Cashiers, Highlands and Surround Area

Here are the top ways in which I get the word out about your new listing on the Cashiers area real estate market:

  • I include both interior and exterior photos of your home on your listing page. Nowadays, the majority of NC home buyers search for homes on the Internet before ever contacting a REALTOR. I make sure these home buyers develop a good idea of what your home has to offer by including several interior and exterior photos of your home. These photos emphasize your homes uniqueness as well as its spaciousness.
  • I develop virtual tours of your home. To further help the home buyer envision living in your Cashiers area home for sale, I often include virtual tours of your home online. This help the home buyer feel like they’re right there, walking through your home one room at a time. Many REALTORS agree, the virtual tour is a viable way of attracting prospective buyers to your home.
  • I utilize a diverse range of print and online advertising to market your Cashiers area home. The best way of finding the home buyer who will ultimately purchase your home is to cast out a large marketing net. That’s why I advertise your home in a variety of publications – from real estate magazines to online newspapers to everything in between!
  • I provide plenty of attractive and effective outdoor signage. While many home buyers prefer to search for their next home online, there are some who will drive around area neighborhoods looking for homes for sale. To attract these types of buyers, I place effective outdoor “For Sale” signage in your yard, which provides all the pertinent information such as contact information.
  • I hold Open Houses whenever feasible. Depending on the location of your home, open houses can be an effective marketing strategy for your Cashiers area home. We’ll discuss together if a Open House is the best way to use time and energy resources. At the very least, it may serve as a vehicle to increase exposure of your Western North Carolina home for sale.

List Your Western North Carolina Home for Sale Today!

While I’ve just mentioned the top ways in which I help home owners sell their homes quickly, it’s really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my home selling marketing plan.

Contact me, Dorothy Swearingen, to learn more about how I can help you sell you home for top dollar in a relatively short amount of time.

While you’re at it, please feel free to browse some of these helpful home selling resources that I offer:

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