Gardener's Corner…NC Arboretum 2008 Calendar…Asheville 828.665.2492

NC ARBORETUM 08 CALENDAR-Asheville 828-665-2492 (NC Arb.)
Botanical Gardens  2008 Calendar 828.252.5190
Insect Exhibit…Come out and see a bird eating tarantella
              Saturday, January 19 through Sunday, May 11, 2008  NCArb.
              Insect Exhibit…Come out and see a bird eating tarantella
“Orchids and Iris in the Garden” ~ Silk Painting Exhibit NC Arb.
               Friday, February 1—–Sunday, April 20, 2008
Feb. 10th Introduction to the Blue Ridge Bioregion 2-3:30
       Lecture @Asheville Botanical Gardens  828.252.5190
Feb. 16TH 10-12 Pruning the Natural Way…
        Lecture @Asheville Botanical Gardens 828.252.5190
March 16th 2-3:30 pm Honeybee-Friendly Landscapes: Plants, Plans, and Practices…
         Lecture @ Asheville Botanical Gardens 828.252.5190
Orchid Society Annual Show Sat. & Sun. March 29th & 30th NC Arb.
              Buy Your Orchards…Got an orchard question?  The experts will answer it.
“Kaleidoscope” ~ Contemporary Landscape Sculpture Exhibit NC Arb.
             Tuesday, April 1 —– Friday, October 31, 2008
             See local artists create their plant magic with various sculptures.
April 6th 2-3:30 pm Landscaping a Habitat for Wildlife…
         Lecture @ Asheville Botanical Gardens 828.252.5190
April 19th 10-Noon Wildflower Walk
            Lecture and walk@ Asheville Botanical Gardens 828.252.5190
Rhododendron Truss Show and Plant Sale Sat. & Sun. , April 26th & 27th NC Arb.
             Looking for that favorite or unusual rhododendron and azalea?  Look no further.
“Silent Beauty: A View of the Changing Seasons” ~ Photography of Cynthia Walker NC Arb.
             Wednesday, April 23 —– Tuesday, October 14, 2008 Flowers and Insects…
             What a partnership!  Both need each other…
Carolinas Dahlia Society Tuber Sale and NC Chrysanthemum Society Plant Sale. NC Arb
              Sat., May 10, 2008 Learn the secrets to huge blooms…
Blue Ridge Hydrangea Society Annual Plant Sale Sat., May 17th.  NC Arb.
          From the usual to the unusual…you will find it here.
May 18th 2-3:30 State of the Local Watershed
          Lecture @ Asheville Botanical Gardens  828.252.5190
Rose Exhibition Sat. & Sun., June 7th & 8th, 2008 NC Arb. “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…
         Come to see the spectacular show made just for you…  All sizes and types of roses.
Bamboo Society Festival Sat. & Sun, July 12th & 13th, 2008  NC Arb.
          Annual show to learn about this special plant. 
           It spreads…be careful where you plant it…but they are great for fishing polls. 
           At least that is what my Grandpa always said.
Asheville Quilt Show Fri.-Sat.-Sun. August 1, 2, & 3  NC Arb.
       Local, regional and quilts from around the world. 
       Come see these beautiful creations. 
August 17th 2-3:30 pm Planting to Maintain Habitats and Natural Communities
           Lecture @ Asheville Botanical Gardens 828.252.5190
Annual Dahlia Society Show Sat.-Sun. Sept. 13th & 14th   NC Arb.
        Learn how to grow those sought after huge blooms.  Family fun this weekend.
Heritage Crafts Weekend Sat. & Sun. Sept. 20th  & 21st  NC Arb. Crafting, music,
        Want to learn how to make a broom? 
        That is just one of the many crafts that will be demonstrated. for this big 2 day event.
13th Annual Carolina Bonsai Expo Sat. & Sun. Oct. 11th & 12th   NC Arb. Need bonsai tools or plants? 
NC Chrysanthemum Society Annual Show Sat. & Sun. Oct. 25th & 26th.  NC Arb.
       Remember these plants…Grandma’s favorite…easy to grow…now      
       learn the secret of those large ones. A beautiful time just to enjoy the        fall colors in the Arboretum.

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