Light Bulbs…News about the CFL's

Have you gone “green” and are using the new swirl-looking (CFL) compact fluorescent light bulb?  If so, please read on…These bulbs use 25% of the energy of a regular incandescent bulb that was invented by Thomas Edison.  Being green is a great idea.  However, the concern is what to do with the CFL when the bulb burns out.  America is not requiring its people to use these.  However, by 2010 Australia is requiring all of its inhabitants to use only the CFL.
Why the concern?  You can not throw these bulbs away in the ordinary trash because they contain mercury.  You must recycle them!!!
If you break one, now what do I do?  Open your windows to dissipate the vapors and then using rubber gloves, use sticky tape to pick up the pieces as well as the residue.  You can vacuum as well.  Put the broken pieces in a plastic bag and double wrap it.
To find a recycling program in your area go to  
For more information go to
Think green, and recycle to help protect our environment. If any of you have a particular place you recycle these light bulbs, please write and share it with us.

Information for this article was taken from an article written by David Appell for the Scientific American Oct. 2007 pp.30-32.

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